We are the GoGoGordons, meaning we fit in a lot on each travel day and a lot into each vacation.

After getting married in 2008, my wife and I decided to travel before starting a family. While honeymoons are great, travel is like most other things: you get better at it with practice.

After visiting over 90 cities in 25 countries throughout Europe, all while keeping our day jobs and careers on track, we’ve learned a lot and experienced a lot. We’ve learned how to plan an itinerary that fits our interests and our “see-how-much-we-can-do-each-day” travel style. We’ve learned which websites and online tools to use when, and we’ve learned how to minimize travel stress.

It seems that so many people book their Europe trip as part of a tour group or cruise itinerary, in part because they are intimidated to do it on their own. My hope in putting this web site together is to help show you how rewarding couple travel can be when you plan and book everything to your preferences, set your own schedule and itinerary, all while maintaining the freedom to be spontaneous during your vacation.

Travel is fiercely personal. Not everyone will like our travel style, but hopefully we can either help guide you in the research and planning process or at least give you an idea or two for your next trip.

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